Life hacks for household: an amazing 20-minute cleaning

You need only 3 hours for your home cleaning. But it is so long! You always hated these three hours it took getting the rooms straight enough to actually clean them. You’re spending so much time putting things where they belong that it’s adding hours to your cleaning day, hours that you could spend in more enjoyable and more productive ways. So, here is a great solution that is working so far: two to three 20-minute tidies per week.

You can take 20 minutes, no more, no less, to scurry around the house and tidy it up. Some things you take care of are the dishes, the laundry, the trash, and shoes. Read below for more!

The dishes

During the 20-minute tidies, take care of the dishes. Put clean ones away, put dirty ones in the dishwasher and gather any dishes that have accumulated in other parts of the house into the kitchen and take care of them as well. That way on cleaning day when you go to clean the bedroom, you are not having to run the water glasses from the night before back into the kitchen.

The laundry

Maybe, you are enjoying doing laundry, but the one thing you hate more than anything is thinking you are done with the laundry and then finding a pair of dirty socks under the bed. This one is a hard one for most families. On 20-minute tidy days, try to get all the laundry in one place. Check under the beds, under the couch, behind bathroom doors, etc. It also helps to do a load or two of laundry during the week to make “laundry day” easier.

The trash

There are two great kinds of trash problems in the household: several small cans in the office and the bathrooms, and the piles of junk mail you receive. Sort mail, throwing away what is not necessary, and take the trash out. This is also typically when you take care of the kitty litter and takes it out with the trash.

The shoes

Many times, closets are not nearly as shoe-friendly as they could be. Still, you can find a way to store your shoes there. Throughout the week of long workdays, shoes have a tendency to wind up just about anywhere in the house: the bathroom, the kitchen, and the living room, pretty much wherever you take them off. It could be said that you’d have much less work on your hands if you just put them up when you first take them off. The 20-minute tidy session provides a good time to put the shoes up and get them out of the way.

In conclusion

The 20-minute tidy may not work for everyone. In some households it may be shorter, in some it may be longer. The goal is to make a concentrated effort in clearing the junk out of your way within a specific time frame (and yes, after 20 minutes even if you are not completely tidy, you can call it quits!).