Adding excitement to your dates: some fresh ideas

Creating exciting dates is very important. Once the first few “getting acquainted” dates are over, it will be time to call upon your imagination and add adventure and fun to your dating plans. Planning exciting dates is as important as planning romantic ones. Unless you and your date happen to love the sport, it really isn’t necessary to risk life and limb by taking your date skydiving to generate excitement. There are other options, all of which are much safer, available for creating a very exciting date.

Surprise and mystery can equal excitement.

Guys, women love men who maintain a sense of mystery. When planning exciting dates, you should begin a few weeks ahead of time. You might, for example, consider taking her to a special event held in a nearby town. Be sure to keep the details of the date to yourself. Only feed her small bits of information, a little at a time, while the big day draws near. You might start by sending her a note suggesting what she should wear. Be sure it’s a hand-written note, not an email or phone call. Keep giving her clues every day or so, you will be surprised at how excited she will be when the big day finally arrives.

Explore the area, take day trips

Exciting dates can also happen with very little planning. Give your lady a call early one Saturday morning. Tell her you to have a surprise, take her to breakfast, and then decide which near-by town the two of you would like to explore that day. Besides being very exciting dates, day trips will provide quality alone-time for getting to know your dating partner much better.

Festivals and tours

Don’t forget to consider attending some local festivals. Regardless of where you live, there is always a festival just a short distance away. There are festivals which are organized to celebrate historical events, even festivals which are held to commemorate the arts. These celebrations are perfect for providing very exciting dates, especially considering the festivals’ music and activities. You can find wineries throughout most regions of the country. Take your date on a winery tour, sample some local vintages, you will find yourself on a very exciting date.