Boring date tutorial

Make the perfect choice of gifts that creates the best impression for your first date, here are some tips to be super boring. If you are in need of some fun and adding spices to your first date, then this is the worst article to read. Try the following tips to become the average random person.


Take a single flower – it will look cheap. Everyone knows that flowers signify love. Do not forget to choose a colored flower to create a romantic mood. Remember white color is for purity, yellow is for friendship and red is for love. Still, need more color ideas?


Complement this with a small box of candy. Remember to buy some cheap ones. This is a fantastic first date gift that foresees the sweetness of the love you are going to show. Hey, but don’t forget to pay for the tooth fairy.

Surprise her

Do something strange or awkward – astronaut ice cream. Surprise your lover with this ice cream that can be placed in your pocket for long without worry of melting or sticking. Apply this idea if you are meeting in hot weather. Bring this with the purpose of asking before waving goodbye “Darling you are the most loving one has ever met, can I give you a bit of ice cream you taste how my love for you is going to be sweet? ”. If it is cold, then a small blanket might be fun together with a taxi ride.

Board games

To ruin your day – play a blind date card game together. Sounds interesting but it is boring as hell. To spice things up, try playing together this simple game which questions each of you how well you know about relating, dating and mating. This idea is appropriate especially when you run out of words and you want the conversation to be more natural. Try shouting this to your partner “The point of no return has just started baby because you make me realize the existence of such as a soul of yours. I love you.”


Have a toy. This will be symbolic even after the break-up. Make sure it signifies the appropriate situation and clearly explain to your partner your intention. It can remind the place you met for the first time and you asked for a date. If you met through social media like Facebook, an iPad might be an appropriate gift. Try to be creative here you can even draw his or her image manually before meeting and use it as a surprise. If you met the person at night and you were looking at stars together, a glowing ring having a small telescope can be fun.

Pretend to be romantic

Compose a song or a poem. You don’t need to stress yourself if you don’t have the talent to sing or recite a poem. The lyrics are enough to communicate what is in your heart but remember to make it romantic and it does not need to be an original idea, check out poetry books or search online for lyrics that suit your mood. Or try just combining the stuff from twitter. Everybody can do it!

Cliché stuff

If you are both planning for a night date then read through the next few ideas and come up with something better: Go for dinner and movie together. Find a restaurant with small tables and make sure to sit side by side so that you can’t focus on anything other than rubbing your knees against each other. You can also go to a restaurant with a dance floor. Here, you don’t need to dance like stars but hold each other tight while swaying to the beat. With all these, show your happiness by laughing like a kid when you reach an amusing part of a song or a movie.