Protein or fat? Too many carbohydrates?

Proteins have long been called the “building blocks” of the body. They are vital to every cell and all fluids in the body. Not only do they build, but they repair what has been torn down by disease, accidents, and surgery just to name a few things. Therefore, it only makes good sense to make protein a healthy part of each meal. Let’s not forget snacks of nuts, especially almonds, with lots of protein and good for heart health and proteins give us strength as well. So these powerful proteins reduce cravings due to their ability to satisfy cravings. Proteins take longer to digest causing one to be less likely to have cravings.

Fats or no fats: that is the question

Fats, in general, have been given a bad name for many years. Some have said, “fats make you fat”. As we gained knowledge about foods and the role they play in good nutrition we learned that not all fats are bad. Actually foods with naturally occurring fats like egg yolks, beef, and pork contain important nutrients and the satisfying effects of fats.

Carbohydrates: are they needed or not?

Carbohydrates are also a “double-edged sword”. For the most part, we like simple carbohydrates. Who doesn’t like a chocolate bar or sugar in their tea and cereal?
Those things are a no for diabetics. While many, including diabetics, shy away from complex carbohydrates because the starch is changed into sugar this process is slow and does not raise blood sugar much. Some healthy carbohydrates are: brown rice, whole grains, oatmeal, whole wheat, pasta, and high fiber cereals.

So what should we eat?

Too much protein is bad for the patient with kidney disease yet vital to most of us; saturated fats have many bad effects on the body; simple carbohydrates are bad, especially for diabetics but complex carbohydrates are vital for good health. Once again let’s take a look at some benefits of proteins, and we can see what we would be like without them we have always heard: everything in moderation.