Sensual massage: why doesn’t it work anymore?

There are some things that will make for better sex life and some things which do not. If you wish to have a better sex life then you need to incorporate some of these things into your regular sex.


This one is commonly known but nowhere near as commonly practiced as it should be. The problem is usually one of focus. When a woman is offered a massage, she usually thinks of relaxation and sensuality, along with romance if it is by someone she has feelings for. The man, however, is usually focused on sex.

What usually ends up happening in this situation is sex, so the man thinks that massage worked for him. He got what he wanted and was thinking about so all is well. The woman, however, is left feeling that what promised to be one thing turned out to be just the man lusting after her body. Whilst this is fine at times if it is the constant feeling she is left with, her passion for the man will wane and instead of better sex, it will become more and more mundane and less frequent as she loses her desire for the process.

The man in the situation wonders what went wrong and usually blames the woman for “going cold” on him when in fact he is the one that caused the problem by being single-minded.

How special do you think women feel themselves if they believe all a man wants to do is have sex with them? “Gee that’s new, a man wants to have sex with me, that makes me really special.” Not!

The solution to this dilemma is so incredibly simple

Determine in your mind before you begin the massage, that you will not have sex. Proceed with the massage with the intent of feeling her skin and enjoying her pleasure ONLY. Yes, your penis will likely get an erection, but ignore it for now. Focus on her pleasure and if she indicates that she wants it to proceed to sex, offer some resistance. This is very important. She must believe that you want to touch her even if no sex is involved. And if that is your intent, to begin with then she will perceive that from you.

Eight times out of ten, you will end up having sex anyway. However, her desire to have you touch her will not wane and you will end up having better and more frequent sex as a result.

This technique works in so many areas that the limitation is only in your imagination. Use it wisely!