What makes a person develop a drug addiction?

The drug addiction crisis in the world is a growing epidemic. Getting a fix has become the norm for thousands of drug addicts. Both illegal and prescription drugs are the culprits. Many people who experience chronic pain are addicted to painkillers.

The prolonged use of some prescription drugs does more harm to the health of the individual than good. Destructive side effects of constant drug usage demand the use of more drugs. Harmful activity becomes an ongoing cycle.

Unless an addicted individual gets help for his or her compulsive behavior, the reputation, livelihood, and sanity of the drug user will continue to degenerate. He or she will risk losing all that he holds dear in life. He or she will become a spectacle of shame and regret.

What makes a person develop a drug addiction? There are several reasons:

– False comfort.

Many young drug addicts embrace drugs under the misconception that it provides comfort from pain and sorrow. These people may be lonely and lead isolated lives. Young people by the tens of thousands turn to drugs due to feelings of depression and meaningless in life. Other teens experiment with drugs because of peer pressure and the unwillingness to be rejected by friends.
However, the use of drugs creates physical, mental and emotional destruction. Studies prove that thousands of teenagers end up taking their lives or overdosing.

– The altered states of consciousness.

Many turn to drugs as a form of escape. They like the otherworldly experience which drugs, especially crack cocaine, meth, and ESP, produce in their lives. People who want to experience altered states of consciousness feel a sense of power and authority. In their minds, they may believe they are invincible to any outside force.

– The hope of enhanced performance.

Another reason people become drug addicts occurs due to the misconception that drug usage improves performance. Many movie stars and singers use drugs before a performance. The belief is that they will perform at an optimum level if they are experiencing a high. However, in the end, these celebrities fall from grace. The famous lists of those who have succumbed to drug use include Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, Jimi Hendrix, and countless other entertainers.

A drug addiction problem must be eliminated. Otherwise, the quality of an individual’s lifestyle will continue in a downward spiral. Therefore, seek help immediately. Tell caring family and friends about your addiction and ask for support in finding professional help.

Enroll in a rehab program such as alcoholics anonymous and participate in the recovery activities provided by such initiatives. It is important to be in a program that can help you overcome the withdrawal symptoms you are likely to experience as a result of overcoming drug use.
In addition, rehab programs offer support groups that consist of people who have already been through what you are experiencing. You will feel encouraged by knowing that others know exactly what you are going through.
The effort to overcome a drug addiction not only helps a person recover that quality of life that deserves honor and respect, but also provides a sense of inspiration to others who desire to recover from drug usage.